Sunday Abridged Lesson Schedule

Hi all -the cold weather is kicking us – we will cancel lessons in the am tomorrow – Angela and Tiffany – check with Robin – I think you are still on unless you change your minds – but the 11 and 12 group lesson is cancelled and we will arrange a make-up for all of you – Pony Club is still a go – we will practice dressage tests – please dress warm!!!!!!!!!

Spring is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Early Bird Camp Payments – don’t miss out!!!!!

Hope you are all keeping warm – we are extending our deadline for early bird payments for summer camp until February 15th due to the recent cold weather and snow. Take advantage of this great opportunity to save – you can pre-purchase a week and let us know by April 15th to confirm the week of your choice. Warm temperatures are just around the bend…..If you have any questions – feel free to contact Ann. 301-648-7602  Go to to find application form!

Lessons are on for tonight – Wednesday!

Lessons are on for tonight – please be careful coming up the driveway and park  in front of the barn – if you are nervous about driving up – feel free to park behind the bank barn – there is limited space there.   Let us know if you can’t make it!

No Lessons Tuesday!

Parking lot is still swamped – sending out most of the horses today – fingers crossed that we may have lessons tomorrow – stay tuned:)

Lessons cancelled Monday!

Lessons are cancelled for tonight – the horses are all doing well but our driveway is still single lane and very slippery- lots of opportunities to get stuck and block the lane for the tractor and the work we are trying to get done. Stay tuned for tomorrow – depends on what we get done today – focusing on getting the stalled horses out and paths to the fields. Stay warm and see you soon we hope! The Petraseks

Talbot Run Blizzard Prep

40 bales of hay in the barns, round bales in the fields, tubs filled outside with heaters, extra tubs and buckets filled inside, tractor in, truck in, spare jugs, fingers crossed!  All lessons cancelled through Sunday FullSizeRender-3 :(  Stay warm and safe everyone!  If you know of anyone with a plow we can call as back up – text Ann at 3016487602.  Spring is coming!


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