Talbot Run – Sunday Jumper Show Update – Jump into Spring – One Week Later!

1916711_1424987983384_1743274_nHello All – With the amounts of snow we received we have decided to postpone this Sunday’s Jumper Show to March 15 same time – same details.  Projected temperature – 50 degrees! If you ride at TREC and are signed up – please let us know if you are still able to ride.  If you are coming from other places – and can still come  – we would love to have you.  If you can email and give us a heads up on trailer numbers – we can figure out the parking – Hopefully we will have a big melt this week.   Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding – Spring is coming -!

Talbot Run – erring on the side of caution…..No lessons Tuesday!

Hey Everyone – we decided to cancel in response to all the school cancellations and the ugly forecast – perhaps a bit premature – but truly we are hoping that tomorrows’ rain will clear the ice in front of the barn – we will make it up to you:) Tomorrow – we are back on track…for good we hope!!!! Take care and be safe!

Jumper Show this Sunday – Kick the winter blues and Jump into Spring!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACome and jump with us this Sunday – 9 am.  Starts with the Cupcake class (poles and 12 in cross rails) to 3 ft.  Optimum time, Power and Speed and Jump off rounds.  $30/division.  $60 with a TREC horse.  Great food on site and very pretty ribbons:)  Call 301-648-7602 or email talbotrunec@aol.com for more info.

TREC Spring Open Jumper Show

Sunday, March 8, 2015

9 am. til ?

Cupcake Division

Class 1 – Walk/Trot Flat Warm-up class

Class 2 – 4 to 6 poles – simple course

Class 3 – 6 to 8 poles – Modified Jumper Course

Division 2 – 18 inches

Class 4 – Optimum Time

Class 5 – Power and Speed

Class 6 – Timed Jump Off

Division 3 – 2 foot

Class 7 – Optimum Time

Class 8 – Power and Speed

Class 9 – Timed Jump Off

Division 4 – 2 foot 3

Class 10 – Optimum Time

Class 11 – Power and Speed

Class 12 – Timed Jump Off

Division 5 – 2 foot 6

Class 13 – Optimum Time

Class 14 – Power and Speed

Class 15 – Timed Jump Off

Division 6 – 2 foot 9

Class 16 – Optimum Time

Class 17 – Power and Speed

Class 18 – Timed Jump Off

Division 7 – 3 foot

Class 19 – Optimum Time

Class 20 – Power and Speed

Class 21 – Timed Jump Off

Classes may be combined if less than 3 entries.

$12/class or $30 per division on your own horse

Each division has 3 classes –

Optimum Time, Power and Speed and Jump Off

Coaching available – see Robin

$60 per division on a TREC Horse – coaching included. Must sign up/pay in advance – Horses are first come first available.

Talk to Ann or Robin in person or via email talbotrunec@aol.com

Lunch will be available for purchase.

Talbot Run Saturday Lessons – one more day of BRRRRRR

Hi All – Can’t believe its going to be another cold Saturday!   We will be canceling the am lessons and starting at 12 tomorrow.  If you would like to come in the pm. – let me know – the 9 am lesson can come at 1:00, the 10:00 lesson can come at 2:00 and the 11:00 lesson can come at 3 – just email and let us know so that we can have horse plan.  If you would rather do a make-up – let me know…the good news is that it looks like next week will be better!   Stay warm!    Ann

Talbot Run – Know anyone with a spare tractor?

IMG_1770Hey everyone – just on the off chance that someone may know someone – as many of you know – we had an unfortunate event during the snow storm that resulted in our tractor spending some time in the pond.  Consequently – we have several weeks of repairs to do and need to either borrow or rent a tractor for a short time.  Does anyone know anyone who would be willing to rent us  a tractor large enough to harrow the ring and take care of the manure?  We promise not to take it near the pond!  Email or call 301-648-7602 if you have any leads!   Thank you!!!!!!!!

Talbot Run is jumping into Spring – Jumper Show March 8

All riders at Talbot Run and riders in the Maryland horse community who can jump poles on the ground to 3 ft. are invited to compete at our jumper show on Sunday, March 8.  We have a class for everyone!  This is a fun and relaxed setting to shake off the winter blues and start getting ready for the  great weather to come:)  We will be starting at 9 am. If you are a Talbot Run rider, sign up sheets are available of the blackboard near the ring.  Please sign up so that we can plan for horse use!  Great food and fun ribbons….and of course fun people!!!!!!!

Talbot Run – Anyone Know Someone…….Need some help………

1933783_525361738758_5280_nThrough a complicated series of events – we are looking for some help with plowing our driveway and removing our tractor from the pond where is inadvertently got stuck ….Let us know if you know of anyone who has the equipment that might help us out – of course we will compensate!  Winter needs to go away, please!


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