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Welcome to Talbot Run Pony Club Riding Center
Talbot Run Pony Club Riding Center is excited to announce our 2013 program. Robin Petrasek, our Pony Club instructor is a graduate H Pony Clubber and is looking forward to working with all our Pony Clubbers to help them grow both as riders and horse lovers.
The Talbot Run Riding Center Program will include 2 mounted lessons per month plus at least one unmounted meeting. Lessons will concentrate on working on rating standards for riding – including riding on the flat and jumping. Unmounted lessons will cover a variety of topics including horse anatomy, veterinary care, bandaging, nutrition, competition rules, farm management and developing future leadership and teaching skills.  We will also be participating in the USPC Badge Program at the D level.
Pony Clubbers will have the opportunity to participate in rallies throughout the spring, summer and fall.
$130 – All Pony Clubbers must join the United States Pony Club (USPC).  In addition there is a $35 membership fee to the Capital Region.
$60 per month  – Talbot Run fees for lessons and unmounted instruction.
$25 – Rating fee 
?  – Rally costs – participant is responsible.
Talbot Run polo shirt  – for ratings and rallies
D Manual and Badge Handbook– can be purchased from Pony Club website
Pony Club Pin – provided by TREC




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