Talbot Run Pony Club – Day 2 at Nationals

Day 2:
    On the second day of quiz champs we started our day off competing in classroom. Classroom is where we are individually tested on any type of question pertaining to horses.  We did exceptionally well today in classroom because we asked for questions that are above our rating level so we could earn extra points. Then, we went to go watch some of our pony club friends compete in show jumping and games. After that, we went to megaroom, which is where  we travel  around 10 stations with horse objects on each table that we have to indentify  individually. We did well in this too. Then we were done and got to walk around the tradefair and see all the different vendors. Even today we met more pony clubbers  from different regions. It’s cool to get to meet people from different areas  of the country because they don’t do everything the same  way we do. We met a girl from southern California, who said  that this area of the country is different than where she lives because they don’t have big open pastures like we do. It makes us grateful for what we have. We have  one day of competition left where we only have classroom  and then we will sadly be returning home.
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