Winter Weather at Talbot Run

The winter cold has delayed the beginning of our new session – we will be glad to see warmer temperatures coming in later this week.  As always we have a liberal make-up policy so please don’t venture out if the roads in your area are unsafe.  Give us  a call and we will find another time for you to come!  Sunday lessons (today) a on for the moment however there is a band of freezing rain that is supposed to turn to regular rain by this pm. We are hoping that everything will be fine by the time you come to the barn.  Please feel free to text/call Ann at 301-648-7602 is you can’t make it.  We will make every effort to call or email you if lessons are cancelled – but if in doubt call us as well – our internet (satellite) sometimes goes down in bad weather. You can also check the blog and facebook. Monday lessons are up in the air at the moment depending on when the cold comes back.  We have already rescheduled Tuesday lessons.  Wednesday looks like we will be back to normal winter weather.  Thank you for your patience in getting our winter session started! PHEW!!!!!

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