Talbot Run Saddle Club – a New Program for our Younger Riders

Talbot Run Saddle Club is a new program for our younger riders who want to learn more about horses.  The Saddle Club meets once a month on Saturday at 2 pm. for approximately 2 hours. The purpose is to introduce our lesson students to basic horsemanship and horse care in order to develop each rider’s connection to our equine friends.  Our target age group is 6 to 10 year olds.  The first hour will be used for classroom instruction and activity. The second hour will be used for grooming and riding time. Cost is $40 per session or $140 for all 4 dates.  Space will be prioritized for those signing up for all 4 sessions.  Individual dates will be available as space allows.  Riding lesson will be geared towards our lower level riders – walk/trot and beginning canter.  We will limit each session to 8 children.  All participants must be concurrently enrolled in our 8  week group lesson program.  Additional sessions will be scheduled during the Fall – we will take August off !

Each session will have a hands on assessment at the end and participants will receive a certificate of achievement/award.  In the future, participants will have an opportunity to prepare a part of the lesson and help to instruct others in order to earn an award in public speaking and teaching. Each member should be prepared with a three ring notebook (for the addition of handouts), pencil and some loose leaf paper or spiral bound notebook.  Parents are encouraged although not required to stick around and learn as well.

Spring/Summer Calendar

Week 1 – April 5

Barn Management- Cleaning, hay, grain and Water – Make a healthy horse treat!

Learn to groom and tack a horse.

Week 2 – May 10

Horse Breeds and body markings!

Find and label horses in the barn that match some of the breeds.

Week 3 – June 14

Anatomy- Body parts – Learn to bathe a horse

Week 4 – July 19

First Aid – Practice a wrap on a horse, cleaning a ‘wound’ and taking a temperature.

Email or talk to Ann or Catie Garrett to sign up – space is limited!



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