Talbot Run = June is bring a Friend to a Lesson Month

We are kicking off 100 Days Challenge at Talbot Run

June is Bring a Friend to Lesson Month!

 Introduce your barn buddies to your human friends and enter a chance for a free 8 week lesson session at Talbot Run!

 It’s easy –

  • Let Ms.Ann or Ms. Kari know that you want to bring a friend and reserve a spot during your lesson.
  • Have your friend fill in the release form with an email address and parent signature.
  • Your friend will observe the lesson and get to hop on for the last 15 minutes.
  • For every friend you bring – you get a chance in the raffle for a free lesson session and so does your friend. The more friends you bring the more chances you have to win a free 8 week session!
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