Talbot Run June Updates

Talbot Run Summer Riders: Don’t forget to take advantage of our early payment plan – time runs out on June 10 for the 10% discount for the summer session. Please talk to Ann if you have vacation plans and need special scheduling!   

Robin and Strider are still collecting pledges for her rides at Ride for Life – a recognized dressage show at the PG Equestrian Center on June 22. The pair had a great weekend at Morven Park’s recognized dressage competition this weekend, winning a 2nd and a 5th place. All contributions will go to the John Hopkin’s Brease Cancer research program.

June is Bring a Friend to Riding Lesson Month – This is part of the 100 Day Challenge – we are trying to collect as many names of new riders and friends who are new to horses – the National goal is 100,000 new people in the US by September.  Our barn is competing for the $25,000 prize!  Bring your friends and let’s introduce them to fun with our equine friends.

Talbot Run’s Summer Celebration is coming up  on June 21.  The trail ride is full – there was an enthusiastic response – we will look at scheduling more rides in the future.  All are invited to reserve a table space at the yard sale ($10 – bring your own table).  Our Nationals Bound pony clubbers will be giving pony rides during the day.  They are also selling snacks and drinks on Saturdays to raise money.  In the evening all are invited to our cookout – please bring your own drinks and a side dish or a dessert.  

Congrats to Carol Anne and Rufio – 6th place and Magdelena and Callie – 8th place on a successful outing at The Middleburg Horse Trials  – Best wishes to our Pony Club eventing team (Michelle and PayDay, Carol Anne and Rufio and Magdelena and Callie) next weekend at Seneca for the Capital Region Pony Club Rally.


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