Talbot Run Pony Club Dressage Queens!!!!!

The Talbot Run Riding Center Pony Club Dressage team took 4th place at the Capital Region Dressage Rally in Division 1 this weekend – All of the team members had excellent test scores – topped by Michelle and Payday with a 72.33 on their musical to Annie.  Chloe and Kirsten took their new ponies to a rally for the first time and received excellent scores and encouraging comments from the judge. Annalise and Glory had a 68 on one of their tests and did a great job at her first rally – after only joining Pony Club recently!  We are proud of the hard work and dedication shown by this team and a special recognition to Katrina who worked tirelessly throughout the day as their stable manager.  This team really reflected the ideal of Pony Club teamwork!  Congratulations everyone!

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