Talbot Run – Many Firsts at Freestate Riding Club Horse Show

What a great experience!  This past weekend – Wave, Glory, sunny, Mackenzie, Cami, Kendall, Katrina, Michael and Lilia competed at the Freestate Show in Bowie, MD.  Going to Freestate was special for the Petraseks and brought back fond memories of the past as this was a favorite show for Robin and Daisy.  Everyone did great – lots of first times!  Lilia and Michael won the awards for cuteness in the lead line division.  Everyone enjoyed and did well in the Trail class – a new experience for ponies and riders.  Mackenzie, Cami and Kendall showed off their equitation skills in walk/trot and walk/trot/canter classes.  Katrina and Sunny swept with three blue ribbons in a row!  Everyone brought back ribbons in all of their classes.  The kids looked great in their costumes – Mickey and Minnie were sighted along with several cats. Many thanks to Robin and Michelle for their expert coaching.  We appreciate the warm welcome that we received from all the organizers at Freestate and hope to be back in the spring!

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