Fall Festival Combined Test Horse Show at Talbot Run was Spooktaculer!

Congratulations to all our riders who competed this past weekend at our First Combined Test sponsored by the Talbot Run and Blaven Pony Club Riding Centers.  We all had a great time and everyone rode well – riders and horses were decked in beautiful ribbons and some even had costumes:)   Dressage came first – many thanks to our wonderful judge Kristen and to Mr. Bob when it came to jumping rounds..  The jumping was a blast with poles on the ground to 2 ft. 6″.   The jumps were spooky thanks to Jenn and her magic.  The food was delicious!  Many thanks to all the parents who helped before during and after and to all the folks at Blaven for their support as well.  It was a true pleasure to have such a great group of kids and adults come and compete with a true sense of sportsmanship and fun.   A real Pony Club experience for everyone!


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