Pony Club Horsemasters Long Lining Clinic at Talbot Run

Horsemasters Long Lining Clinic

with Katie Phelan

February 8 at 1 pm.

Talbot Run Equestrian Center

Open to Capital Region Horsemasters and Talbot Run Adult Clients

$30 checks to Katie Phelan

Come and learn to work with your horse on the ground using Long Lining. Long lining is a technique that many trainers use to start a horse or to introduce new steps in training. Unlike lungeing, when you use long lines it gives you the flexibility to ground drive, double lunge, or work in hand. That’s because with long lining you have a rein attached on either side of the bit or cavesson, which allows you to influence the inside/outside contact and bend; it also allows you to release the contact so you have a more elastic connection. Your horse gets to try new movements without also balancing the weight of a rider, so often you can make some real breakthroughs.. Developing these skills will help you to improve your hand to rein contact. Long lining provides another technique to communicate with your horse in addition to riding. Come and find out more about a great way to work with your horse when riding isn’t feasible or preferable!  Talk to Ann if interested. 3016487602

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