Robin and Strider ask you to Pledge to Support Ride For Life

Strider websiteOn June 21-22 – Robin and Strider will be competing at the annual Ride For Life competition at the PG Equestrian Center.  This show is  a fund raiser for John Hopkins’ breast cancer research.  She and Strider are collecting pledges that will be donated to John Hopkins.  Last year, the pair came in third in overall pledges and we are trying to do even better this year.  The pledge envelope is on the table in the Observation Room – or you can see Robin direct.  We will be decorating stalls with tributes to our friends who battle or have battled with great cancer.  If you have a name or picture to add – please let us know.  Tiffany is designing stall decorations to celebrate these special people.  We would love to have lots of people come and watch Robin and Strider ride her musical in the indoor arena at the show!1923300_525361274688_1999_n

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