Celebrating our Fall at Talbot Run

This Fall has been an exciting season for our riders at Talbot Run.  Our Pony Club Riding Center, and our lesson students and boarders have competed in a variety of disciplines – bringing home lots of ribbons and learning a lot.  Our riders have competed at recognized dressage shows, local FADS (Frederick Dressage Association Shows), Loch Moy eventing, Pony Club Dressage, Jumping and Tetrathalon (jumping, shooting, swimming and running) rallies.  We have seen new partnerships between new horse owners nurture and grow and continued hard work and connection between our lesson students and our noble, compassionate and hardworking Talbot Run lesson horses.  It has been inspiring to see our riders work hard, conquer challenges and progress in their mounted and unmounted equestrian knowledge.  We invite you to join us and continue on the path to deepening our connection with our equine friends.  If you are interested in joining our Pony Club Riding Center or in signing up for our lesson program – contact Ann at talbotrunec@aol.com/301 – 648-7602.

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