TREC 2022 Show Opportunities

2022 Winter – Spring – Summer TREC Show Schedule TBA

We will add some other opportunities as time goes by and we see what riders are interested in. Please talk to Robin if you would like to participate. Spots are limited due to horse use and trailer space so let us know asap what you would like to do.


TREC Horse Show Expectations

What we need from you to participate:

  • As many of these show options close for entries a few weeks in advance of the show, please let us know your interests well in advance of the show. All paperwork is the responsibility of the rider, but let us know if you have any questions about entering!
  • Trailering and coaching money is due before we leave for the show. All fees will be laid out at the end of this document. Checks should be made out to TREC except when trailering with a non TREC trailer.
  • Some events will require a certain number of riders to go.


Fee Schedule-

Jumper Show: $40 coaching

Dressage Show: $40 coaching

Horse Trial: $55 coaching

X Country schooling: $50/person

Pony Club: will be published with each event’s info

Coaching is required for all TREC Horses.


XCountry schooling will be offered several times throughout the spring/summer season. We will base these dates on the availability of the riders. Many times, we go when there are days off of school.


Venues include: Woodstock (no admission fee), Loch Moy ($50-75 admission), Waredaca ($50 admission) 

Trailering – $30-45 depending on distance

 Horse rental – $30/day


Fees are due before the trailer leaves on the morning of the show.


Please be sure to clean the trailer that your horse rides on upon return to the farm.



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