Lessons are on for tonight – Wednesday!

Lessons are on for tonight – please be careful coming up the driveway and park  in front of the barn – if you are nervous about driving up – feel free to park behind the bank barn – there is limited space there.   Let us know if you can’t make it!

No Lessons Tuesday!

Parking lot is still swamped – sending out most of the horses today – fingers crossed that we may have lessons tomorrow – stay tuned:)

Lessons cancelled Monday!

Lessons are cancelled for tonight – the horses are all doing well but our driveway is still single lane and very slippery- lots of opportunities to get stuck and block the lane for the tractor and the work we are trying to get done. Stay tuned for tomorrow – depends on what we get done today – focusing on getting the stalled horses out and paths to the fields. Stay warm and see you soon we hope! The Petraseks

Talbot Run Blizzard Prep

40 bales of hay in the barns, round bales in the fields, tubs filled outside with heaters, extra tubs and buckets filled inside, tractor in, truck in, spare jugs, fingers crossed!  All lessons cancelled through Sunday FullSizeRender-3😦  Stay warm and safe everyone!  If you know of anyone with a plow we can call as back up – text Ann at 3016487602.  Spring is coming!

Talbot Run – Winter Schedule Change

Hi All – We will not be riding tonight due to the cold temperatures!  If you are available – we have a make-up lesson on Thursday at 4:30 and 5:30 – come at your regular time!  Please let Ann know if you are planning to attend or need another time to make-up.  Monday make-ups will be Wednesday pm. at your regular time – again – let Ann know if you are coming!

It appears that some other schedule changes will be needed this weekend – stay in touch.  Feel free to text Ann at 301-648-7602 for updates!

Winter Session Lessons at Talbot Run


Welcome Everyone to our Winter Session – fingers crossed that the weather will continue to cooperate with our riding schedules.If you have not paid for the new session – please place a check for $265 in the mailbox this week. Dress warmly and don’t forget your gloves and toe warmers for those colder days.

As always – try to arrive early to make sure you are in the ring at the beginning of your lesson. Some instructors are taking a few minutes to review and answer questions about tacking – please ask if you are unsure. Please be sure your bit is warmed up before you put it in your horses mouth. With the winter here – please be sure to check with us in the event of very cold or bad weather. We will make every effort to contact you in advance if lessons are cancelled but sometimes it can be last minute. Feel free to text Ann at 301-648-7602 if in doubt. Please do what you need to do to be safe!!! We will also put a message on the group email and blog. In case of illness or schedule conflicts, make ups can scheduled with 24 hour cancellation notice via email at talbotrunec@aol.com. Please do not schedule through your instructor as you will not be on the calendar. If you want to receive Talbot Run updates – please sign up for our blog. You can do that on our website at Talbotrun.com. It pops up in your email and is the quickest way to get notified!

The summer camp schedule will be up the end of next week – we will be running an early bird special for camp – February 1-14 – info will be emailed and posted in the Observation Room.

We have two on site show opportunities this session!!!!!!

We will be having a Dressage Show at Talbot Run on February 28. This is great opportunity to experience dressage competition for the first time or to hone your skills if you are a dressage enthusiast. Entry forms will be posted on the website and hard copies in the Observation Room! – see Ann for more details! We will be happy to help you prepare and answer questions! Cost will be 25$ per test plus 10$ per test horse rental if you use a TREC horse.

Our first jumper show of the season will be March 13th – Come and Jump into Spring with us:) This show starts with trot rails on the ground! Entry forms will be posted on the website! Sign up for TREC horse and coaching with Ann!

Stay warm and see you around the barn!

Talbot Run Winter Mini Camp


Celebrate the Holidays with Talbot Run and the Horses

Talbot Run Winter Camp

December 28-29 – Regular Camp

December 30-31 – Just Jump!

9am. – 3 pm.

Cost – $160 for two days

$300 for all four days

Regular Camp – Fun and Games with our school horses including two riding sessions per day plus horsey crafts and informational activities!!!!!! All levels welcome – Beginner through Advanced!

 Just Jump! – For our more advanced students – Must be able to jump a course at 18 in. or higher – there will be a low (18 in. – 2 ft.) and a high (2’3 and up) jump group! – Work on jumping – course work in the am. and Gamblers Choice/Choose your Own Line in the pm. Must have instructor approval.

Space is limited to 15 each day.


Registration Sheets available in the observation room and on the website!

or talk to Ann at

301 648 7602


Registration form at this link:

Talbot Run Winter Camp 2015

FALL Lesson session at Talbot Run begins November 7:) See Early Bird discount Info below!

Talbot Run Equestrian Center

Hi Everyone – It’s that time again – another lesson session has flown by and we are into the beautiful fall weather! With the holidays falling in the next session – I have had to do some “creative” planning in order to keep everyone on more or less the same calendar – which meant adding an extra week for some and having some have a slightly shorter session – The early bird payment is due paid in full by November 7th. If you are not continuing in your slot – need a new time and taking a break – please email or text me to let me know as we rearrange and accommodate everyone’s needs – you know us – we do our best to figure it out so all can ride!

Keep your eyes open for our Winter Mini Camp – Information will be out soon – Dates are – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – December 28-30☺

If you have been on break or are interested in starting up – please contact Ann asap to schedule a lesson time that works for you! 301-648-7602

The total payment is different depending on what day you ride – a couple of people have paid already – no worries – you can take care of the difference when convenient or we can refund/credit your account if you paid too much. Amounts to pay are with the 10% discount.

SO if you ride on…..

Monday – Nov. 9-Jan 4 – 9 weeks – $268
Tuesday – Nov. 10-Jan. 5 – 9 weeks – $268
Wednesday – Nov. 11 – Jan. 6 – 9 weeks – $268
Thursday – Nov. 12 – Jan. 7 (no Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve) – 6 weeks – $178.95 (You got slammed – if you would prefer to do the 9 weeks and take make-ups that is fine but we know it is difficult for some!)
Friday – Nov. 13 –Jan. 8 (No Christmas, No New Years day) – $209 (If you would prefer to do the 9 weeks and take make-ups that is fine but we know it is difficult for some!)
Saturday – Nov. 7 – Jan. 2 – 9 weeks – $268
Sunday – Nov. 15 – Jan. 3 – 7 weeks – (no class December 6 due to Jumper Show) – $209 – (If you would prefer to do the 9 weeks and take make-ups that is fine but we know it is difficult for some!)

Please contact me with any questions! Thank you all for being a part of the Talbot Run community – we appreciate it! Ann, Bob and Robin