Talbot Run Staff

The Petrasek Family

get-attachment-2.aspxTalbot Run is a family owned and operated farm. Ann and Bob purchased the farm in 2004 and designed and built the “Upper Barn” with the attached riding arena.  Ann and Bob are both retired educators employed by the Montgomery Count Public Schools – Ann taught middle school French for  34 years and Bob was a middle school counselor.  Their vision was to create a happy and safe place where kids and adults could come to learn more about horses and riding.  Their expertise in education and working with kids has helped them to create the unique program that is Talbot Run.  Neither Ann nor Bob had horse experience as children but became connected to the equine world through their daughter Robin.  What started as a “free” introductory lesson at Woodland Horse Center grew from riding lessons to Show Team to one horse to two horses to nine horses and a small backyard farm in Highland to Pony Club to a 147 acre boarding and lesson facility in Mount Airy.  Ann currently is the facility program manager and teaches introductory lessons, orchestrates birthday parties and coordinates the unmounted instructional program.


The Petraseks live on site with their daughter Robin, their grand-daughter Lilia, Lilia’s father, Curtis, Tyler, Harmony and Hallie the farm dogs, the barn cats and 45 horses.  Please join us and enjoy the fun and learning that are a focus of our lives here on the farm!get-attachment.aspx





Robin Petrasek

1916711_1424987983384_1743274_nIn 2004, Robin’s parents purchased Talbot Run Equestrian Center, where many of her opportunities have been presented.  She has had the pleasure of working with many different kinds of horses and students.  She loves off the track thoroughbreds and has had many great experiences bringing them home and starting them in their sport horse careers.  She focuses her teaching on the ideals of Pony Club, making her lessons fun and safe and geared towards preparing horse and rider to compete.  She is the head instructor for our Pony Club riding Center and has been the camp director at Talbot Run for the past ten years.  She coaches her own Show Team that she takes to local horse trials, dressage shows and hunter shows.  She teaches all levels of lessons, including the Intro to Eventing classes. She has worked with Todd Bryan extensively over the past two years to really bring along her dressage.  Currently, she is competing at Fourth level and Prix St. Georges.  She has also trained with Todd Bryan, Phoebe Devoe, Donna Ruth, Julio Mendoza, Steuart Pittman, Linda Speer, Beth Pickett, Rumsey Keefe, Kevin Bowie and done many clinics with Jimmy Wofford.  She was also exposed to the Hunter/Jumper world in a big way when she groomed for Eamonn Hughes and his son Michael at the I Love New York Horse show in Lake Placid in 2009. While she still enjoys eventing, her real passion has turned to dressage.  She currently has two great young horses who have wonderful potential.  She breeds Hungarian Warmbloods as well, so there are always cute babies running around the farm!  She has a young daughter as well, who she looks forward to giving the great opportunity to spend countless hours with such magnificent animals!

img_2082-1Robin started riding at the age of 7 at a lesson barn in Silver Spring.  When she was 9, she announced that she was done with other sports and activities (soccer, softball, Girl Scouts, etc) and was ready to devote all of her attention to horses.  Finally, when she was 11, her parents decided to purchase a horse.  After a serious heartbreak when her favorite lesson horse was unable to be sold, they decided to buy a 3 year old Quarter Horse from western Maryland.  There was some question as to the intelligence of this decision.  After all, a green horse plus a green rider often leads to a lot of black and blue…  However, Robin loved her long backed and gangly looking horse, Daisy Mae.  She spent the next few years competing at local hunter shows and after they got the hang of it, they really began to clean up.  No one really thought that Daisy was going to amount to much because of her weird conformation, but as a team, they really were able to shine. When she was 14, she discovered eventing and dressage and made the switch.  At this time, she also joined Pony Club.  Daisy took Robin through Training Level dressage and Novice level eventing and taught her a ton about training a young horse without being dangerous.  She will always be cherished as the best first horse ever.

1923300_525361274688_1999_nTogether, they competed at the PVDA Young Rider championships several years in a row and went to Pony Club Nationals for dressage in 2001.  At this point, Robin felt like she needed a horse to move up on. She had a 2 year old QH mare named Nicki that she had in training who didn’t seem like she was going to amount to much.  How wrong were we!  Nicki went on to become the Novice level Horse of the Year.  They attended American Eventing Championships at the Novice level in 2005.  Robin has also taken two other horses through Training Level eventing and had a great deal of success, even schooling one through Intermediate.  She qualified for Pony Club Nationals for First Level dressage in Kentucky in 2004 and for Show Jumping and Eventing in 2005. She graduated as an H level Pony Clubber. IMG_4069.JPGOver the years, Robin has bred, trained and showed several Hungarian Warmbloods – helping to rebuild this endangered breed. Currently she she is working with her first homebred Strider, a four year old – Farrah (Bazinga), three year old Sierra Mist and her new 2016 colt, Kion (Bangarang) – a Hungarian/Akel-Teke cross.  Her recent new addition to the family is a talented Hanoverian named Brisk – they are currently competing fourth level and Prix St. Georges.  Brisk and Robin have earned their  bronze medal from the United States Dressage Federation and are accumulating scores for their silver medal from the USDF.  Brisk and Robin recently came in 3rd at 3rd level musical and 3rd at 4th Level at BLM Dressage Championships in North Carolina. Robin loves supporting John’s Hopkins by attending PVDA’s Ride for Life show every year.  She also performs Musical Freestyles which she competes with annually at Ride for Life and Dressage at Lexington.

Catherine Bayly

catherine1Catherine Bayly attended a free introductory riding lesson in Silver Spring in 1991, walking and trotting an ancient, ornery, fleabitten gray, Pepper. Immediately, she became hooked, starting lessons that week. She spent the next few years showing Hunter Jumpers, later turning her attention to dressage, cross country, western riding, and horsemanship more broadly. After years of begging, working, instructing summer camp lessons, competing, and taking lessons, Catherine got her horse, Missy (- 1999). Catherine (and her sister, Marie) turned Missy around, with consistent riding and a compassionate, quiet equestrian spirit she carries with her today. As an older teenager, Catherine began riding at the Petrasek’s first farm, exercising and competing on Zingara and Dixie. (You can still visit those old girls in Talbot Run’s upper fields!) Off at college, Catherine became captain of the Gettysburg College Equestrian Team, where she competed vigorously for several years. Now, after college and graduate school, Catherine is lucky enough to live near and ride with the Petraseks again. She enjoys teaching her students the joys of riding and horsemanship, and watching them light up at first rides, first canters, and first jumps. When she’s not instructing lessons or teaching college English at the University of Maryland, Catherine can often be found chasing her daughters, Eleanor and Josephine, around the barn and in the ring.

10985589_950140551664242_2290601782171969333_nLiane West

Liane has been a friend to Talbot Run since the beginning and has taught hundreds of kids and hours of lessons here at the farm.   On her lesson day you can always hear her in the ring – we are amazed by her stamina as she often teaches 7 or 8 hours in a row.  Liane is a Pony Club alumni and founded the Burntwoods Pony Club.  She is CHA certified and has years of experience in working with students in a variety of disciplines including dressage, show jumping and eventing.  She loves to trail ride and cookies are her favorite.

Mary Macklin

IMG_1568Mary is an international event rider who has competed through the two star level.  She has been competing 17 years and has taken multiple babies up through the levels.  She has worked with many great riders such as Jan Bunny, Sharon White, Jimmy Wofford, Vanessa Swartz, Frank weber and Susan Graham White. She has spent extensive training and working time with Olympian Stephen Bradley.  Mary has been teaching horseback riding for 20 years – including years of teaching summer camp and children.  She works  students from beginners to Preliminary level event riders.  Mary has been approved to move forward with her ICP Certification Level 2 in Eventing.

IMG_1567Mary has worked at both Laurel and Bowie race tracks as well as galloped race horses at private farms, and has worked with babies – breaking them for many disciplines.  She loves riding and training and the smiles she sees on her students’ faces.

IMG_1566Mary’s daughter Maggie in front of Mary’s Equiery cover:)

Michelle Snyder


Michelle started riding at the age of 9 at Talbot Run and has grown into an accomplished horsewoman, instructor and rider.  Currently, she teaches some of our Pony Club lessons and has been a summer camp instructor for the last 6 years.  She enjoys teaching beginners through learning to jump and is an excellent role model for our younger Pony Club riders.  She also helps out around the barn whenever we need her.  She started Eventing at age 12 and has been competing for over 11 years. She competed at USPC Championships for 5 years – 2 as a member of the Capital Region Show Jumping Team on Pay Day.  She recently competed at the 2018 USEA Collegiate Championships on Talbot Run’s Mercedes – riding double clear and finishing on her dressage score.  She became a member of the US Pony Club in 2008 at Waredaca Riding center and now continues at Talbot Run.  She is currently a C2 certification for riding and soon will complete her HB.  She is currently completing her BS in Animal Sciences and Equine Studies at the University of Maryland.  Michelle is a part of our Talbot Run family and we are delighted that she continues to give back to her barn.