Working Students

The working student program at TREC is an opportunity for all to learn more about horsemanship and riding instruction.  All weekly lesson students and boarders over 11 years old are eligible to participate in this program.  Our working students are an integral part of maintaining a high level of horse care and a safe and nurturing riding program at Talbot Run Equestrian Center.  Working students are expected to work a minimum of 4 hours per week.  Hours are available after school from 3:30-7:30 and on weekends.  Duties include grooming, tacking, lesson assistance and general barn work.

All working students will be expected to attend training meetings with the barn staff throughout the year.  In addition, students and parents when under 18 must commit to the procedures outlined in the working student contract.  Working students must record their work hours in the notebook in the office and have those hours verified by a staff member.  Every 8 hours earns an extra lesson.  These lessons must be approved and scheduled in advance on the calendar.  We also offer Friday Night free times on a monthly basis that are open to our working students.  Contact Ann to sign up.

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