Pony Club Schedule


Talbot Run Riding Center Riding Schedule (may change due to vacations etc)

Mounted Lessons (may change based on attendance)
10:00 – Lilia, Claire, Izzy, Sophia, London
11:00 –  Audrey, Macy Harz, Lily Grant, Inaya
12:00 – Ellie, Chloe, Addison, Emma,
1:00 – Addy, Abby, Henry, Lilli Gallagher, James
2:00 – Mack, Eleanor, Kate Keiser, Brooke, Julianne
3:00 – Reagan, Sophia, Eve, Kate Kuder
4:00 – Kirsten, Izzy, Mary, Jemma, Kat
5:00 – Macy Spatz, Megan, Ella, Gretchen, Nadia

Fall Calendar 2018

September 15-16 – Pony Club C2 Rating

September 16 – Pony Club Mounted

September 22-23 – Capital Region Tetrathlon Rally

September 30 – Pony Club Mounted/C1 and D3 Unmounted Prep

October 3-6 – BLM Dressage Championships – North Carolina

October 7 – Capital Region Dressage Rally

October 10 – 14 – GAIG Dressage Championships – Lexington VA.

October 14 – Pony Club Mounted (tentative)

October 21 – Loch Moy Starter HT

October 25-28 – Waredaca Recognized HT

October 26 – Halloween Party!

October 28 – D3/C1 Certification/Pony Club Mounted

November 4 – Loch Moy Starter HT

November 6 – Fall Fun Camp with the Horses/D2 Prep

November 11 – Certification D2

November 10-11 – PVDA Recognized Dressage

November 11 – Pony Club Mounted

November 18 – TREC Mini Event – Dressage, Combined Test and Cross Country

November 25 – Pony Club Mounted – Pie Day

December 1 – Loch Moy Donation Derby

December 2 – Pony Club Mounted

December 9 – TREC Holiday Jumper Show

December 14 – Gamblers Choice Holiday Party – for lesson students and Pony Club riders

December 16 – Pony Club Mounted

 Other Calendar Notes

  • As many of these show options close for entries a few weeks in advance of the show, please let us know your interests well in advance of the show. All paperwork is the responsibility of the rider, but let us know if you have any questions about entering!
  • Trailering and coaching money is due before we leave for the show. All fees will be laid out at the end of this document. Checks should be made out to TREC.
  • Some events will require a certain number of riders to go.

Fee schedule will be as follows:

  • Event/horse trial: $55 coaching, $35 trailering
  • Jumper show: $40 coaching, $35 trailering
  • Dressage show: $40 coaching, $35 trailering

Trailering fees are quoted based on shows that are up to 45 miles away. Anything that is beyond that will be an extra $1 per mile.

If you are using a Talbot Run horse that you do not full lease, there will be a $30/day horse rental fee. Coaching is required for all Talbot Run horses.