Talbot Run Lesson Program – Riders are grouped into lessons based on age and skill level and taught by experienced instructors who are passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge.

Classes Always Forming… Sign up ANY TIME!

Class sessions run for 8 weeks, but you can join at any time during a session.  Call for a discounted evaluation lesson to try us out.  Call (301)648-7602 to schedule an appointment with Ann.

Lesson Price List:

Group Lesson: $285 – 8 week session

Group Lesson, pay as you go: $40/lesson

Private Lesson: $440 – 8 week session

Make-Up Lesson Policy:  If make-up lessons are necessary they may be scheduled as needed for lessons that were postponed with appropriate notice.  During the week, please call before noon on the day of your lesson to let us know if you are unable to ride.  For weekends, please let us know Friday or as soon as possible Saturday/Sunday morning.  Make-ups will not be scheduled unless the lesson is canceled in advance, and they must be done during the current session unless you have spoken to Ann and worked out an alternative.  We are not able to apply unused lessons from a previous session as credit in a new session.  There are no refunds for unused lessons.  We will do our best to accommodate your schedule needs.

*Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your lesson to  help prepare your horse (brush and tack)

*Let us know about any special health needs or disabilities in order to help us provide appropriate and safe instruction.

*Lessons will be cancelled in extreme weather situations.  We will try and contact you, but please call to check if you are in doubt.

**Riders must wear riding britches, long pants, or jeans and hard soled boots with a small heel.  Riding helmets are required and may be borrowed from the barn if needed.

Class Descriptions:

Beginner:  Intro to riding, walk and steering, Beginning trot.

Advanced Beginner: Walk, steering, posting trot, trotting without stirrups.

Intermediate A:  Walk, posting and sitting trot, serpentines, beginning canter (individual).  Trot poles.

Intermediate B:  Walk, trot, begin cantering in a group.  Jumping cross rails up to 2 ft.

Intermediate C:  Walk, trot, canter with and without stirrups.  Jumping simple courses.

Advanced /Eventing Skills:  Dressage,jumping and eventing skills as needed by the riders.

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